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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      steven corley
      Nice print, cheap shirt.....

      The print on the shirt was really cool
      It is a shame u have to use such a cheap T-shirt.......


      This shirt is great! Love the colors on it & the great memories it brings back!

      Jerry Medlin
      Happy to make the donations!

      I am VERY happy to make the purchase of ALL 5 Ts, and mAke the donations to the different groups. But, I’m disappointed in the situation concerning my order. I made the order on line, as soon as I saw the add on Jan 10, of ALL 5 of the Ts. After about 5 days, I messaged Throttledown that I hadn’t received them yet. I was given a tracking #, and waited a couple more days, and still no Ts. I messaged TD again and they suggested they send the order again from THEIR OWN supply, but I would have to take them all in white, since they had NO colors in my size-XL? I accepted that offer, and ask that they NOT send them by mail, to use FedEx or UPS, which they did, and they arrived in 3 days. About 16 days AFTER initial order. According to the Post Office tracking #, the Ts have NEVER left Texas! I accepted the Ts even though I didn’t get any colors, and I’m HAPPY to make the donations to each group. BUT, a bit upset that Throttle Down, seems to not care that my initial order has apparently been LOST, OR STOLEN, somewhere between me and Texas, and leave it to me, to investigate it. I’ve already told them, SHOULD, the initial order yet arrive, I would return the 2nd order to them. IN FACT, IF THEY, showed a bit of concern, and track down my initial order, and get it to me, I MIGHT, just pay for it as well, and make a 2nd donation to the cause. Depends of THEIR actions.